Thursday 23rd July – Last Youth Club (1900-2100 hours). Thank you all for your support, the Youth Club has been a great success and will start again in September.

Friday 24th July – Leavers Ball (1900-2200 hours). Thank you to all the staff who work hard to prepare for this fantastic celebration. Please let Helen know if your child would like to stay on the college site to prepare for the ball.

Thursday 30th July:
1230 hours – residential students meet their parents at the college houses to clear their rooms, day students remain on the college site.

1400 hours – parents, students and staff assemble in the Common Room for the Awards Ceremony.

1530 hours – ceremony ends and students go home with parents. Note that taxi’s do not operate on this day, if parents and/or families are unable to attend, they should organise a taxi collection.

Returning residential students will be told which house they will be living in next year a few days before the end of term and parents will get a letter when the collect their son or daughter.

Residential students return to the houses after 5pm on Sunday 6th September. Day students return to college at 9am on Monday 7th September.

If you have any questions about these arrangements please contact Helen Beer on 01373 866066 or