Last Wednesday our Sports Leaders hosted an inclusive sensory PE event for students from Larkrise School.

The aims of the session were to ensure that all our visitors had the opportunity to try new things & work with new people whilst having fun.

The Sports Leaders planned the event & then delivered it. They even learnt & sang a ‘Hello’ song with Makaton signing.

Other activities included a sensory relay which involved taking it in turns to visit an action zone & experience different items & moving along bubble wrap in chairs & on foot to hear the ‘popping’ sound.

We even introduced the pupils to new tastes & smells!

In the afternoon we reviewed the event. The overall feedback from the Sports Leaders was that they had had a fantastic time & wanted to do it again!! They learnt that they really needed to listen to the pupils if they could talk & make verbal choices or look carefully at the pupils faces to see if they were happy or sad. Judging by the photos, everyone was very very happy!!