David Robinson, Horticulture Lead, met with Jette (from Dilton Marsh village) who asked him if FFC had a planting service. Following this conversation, David visited Jette’s home and quoted for a gardening job which was agreed by Jette. Mitch, one of our students, agreed to go along with David to help with the job.

Mitch got to work on ripping out the Buddliea and trimming the lavender. He raked away the gravel and removed the Sedum. Mitch ½ filled a pot and moved into position, he then checked the level for the Wisteria which was going into the pot. Mitch included the water retaining gel, long term plant fertiliser and then back filled including slow release plant feed.

Mitch went on to water the garden and both completed some back filling, this included planting some daffodils and crocus. We also replanted the Sedum. David then trained the wisteria on to its supports and both tidied up.  After which Mitch set about mowing House 39 independently.