Deaf Awareness Training aims to bring an understanding of the everyday barriers experienced between D/deaf people and the hearing world.

It is suitable for those who:

  • Wish to acquire a basic understanding and awareness of deafness and deaf people;
  • Need to acquire the knowledge as part of a programme of study or professional development;
  • Are studying for personal development with a view to future employment.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the main groups of deaf people
  • Describe the causes of deafness
  • Recognise the number and types of deaf people in the UK
  • Identify appropriate communication methods with deaf people
  • Understand the factors that affect successful communication
  • Learn basic British Sign Language (BSL) skills

Where:        Fairfield Farm College, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, BA13 4DL
Date:           Monday 20 May 2019
Time:          10.00- 16.00 (Full Day)
Cost:           £75 per person
Date:           Monday 17 Jun 2019
Time:          10.00-13.00 (Half day)
Cost:          £50 per person

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