We want to apologise for any disruption and upset caused by the current works to the farmhouse. We pride ourselves on our work with the community and try to communicate through notices in the café/shop, on our website and social media. If there are any further questions, do pop in and speak to us. But to clarify:

Fairfield has been providing services to disabled young people and the community for over 40-years. We provide a range of facilities for community use including, café, village shop and Post Office, community hall and multi-use games area which is accessed by the community on a daily basis all year round. Parking has been an issue for the community, last summer, we created an additional 6 bays to alleviate pressure on existing customer parking. A real cause for concern has been mini bus access, dropping and collecting students with disabilities twice a day. Current work on the grassed area at the boundary of the Farmhouse is to alleviate pressure on parking for customers and in response to residents’ concerns regarding congestion, safety and minibuses parking on the main road.

The current works however, highlighted a number of issues, largely caused by roots from the former hedgerow, which was in a poor condition and in need of attention. The pictures below show the roots had grown into pipework, hence the removal of hedgerow and replacement of pipework as an emergency measure. The serious concern was the impact this underground damage would have on the drainage of waste water. See photos:

Once these emergency works are complete, the grass parking area will maintain the green spaces and also be in keeping with the previous hedges and land, in response to residents’ requests. New wooden fencing is currently being installed and the hedgerow will be replanted. Soil and new grass seed is also being laid.

The community is aware that the Council approved plans for an indoor sports arena and additional parking in 2017, we are currently working hard to raise funds for this new college and community facility.

Finally, there have been questions about the trees at the front of the farmhouse that are overgrown. We have recently been informed by Southern Electric that the branches had dangerously grown around the overhead cables. Southern Electric have informed us that they will be working on the trees to make them safe for the community to ensure no disruption to services. Any further information from SSE will be posted on the website and social media.