Students build new compost bins

Students have worked really hard building, dismantling, building, dismantling and finally building again the 4 new compost bins on site. Tenacious and resilient. A student described it as ‘Hell’, but still wanted to put the last slats in! Excellent team effort and just in time as we rip out all the summer vegetation and need somewhere to compost it! (Just don’t mention we need to dismantle it to paint it next!)

Lesson in needle felting

Today we were joined by Maria Johnson from Quirky Felting to learn how to needle felt. We have created 20 reindeer baubles plus 2 x Rats, 2 x Sheep, 6 x bumble bees, 2 x mouse, and a spider.

These will be available to buy in our shop from £4 each.

Harvesting Sweet Pea seeds

Connie, Stan, Tom, Leon and Callum do an excellent job harvesting Sweet Pea seeds and saving a whopping £187.50! Shannon, Aaron and Lottie shredded waste into the new compost bins students have built, checked the lawn mowers were safe to use, checked the lawns and then mowed them! Great work all!

Equine prepare and clean horse’s tacks

This week classes were learning how to care for the horse’s tack (saddles and bridles). We discussed the importance of checking that the tack is in safe working order, as well as how to clean it so that the tack does not rub on the horses and cause sores. The groups completed a very thorough job of cleaning their saddles and bridles and they are now all ready for our next riding session.

 Lessons in Maths

In Maths our current topic is ‘Domestic and everyday life’. We have been thinking about the many items we use at home that need us to apply Maths skills. The students have been practicing their data handling skills. They completed tables to record the devices they used at home for example alarm clocks, scales, ovens and TV remotes.