Five students at Fairfield Farm College have recently visited the University of West of England for a chance to take part in an exciting robotics project nicknamed “Peppa”. The aim of the project is to look at the future of technology and see how it could support disability rights in the current day and into the future.

Students joined the co-production research team to help explore the technology available, with the aim of understanding how this new technology can help. As society changes quickly with new forms of technology like ‘driverless cars’ and connectivity through the internet, it was certainly an interesting and hot topic with the students.

Students got to experience some of the technology available, including an interactive robot, and see how it could help with the future needs. They also got to spend some time in the robotics lab, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. A big thank you to the team at the University of West of England for being great hosts and letting Fairfield Farm College students be part of the research process!