Rotary Club of Westbury fundraise for Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Rotary Club of Westbury for their donation from events and activities they have hosted over the past year. The generous donation will go towards a community indoor horse and sporting space coming in...


Harry Humphries  is celebrating a massive achievement as he achieves the accolade of Young Individual Sportsperson, from the 2019 Westbury Young People Awards. Harry started his swimming success story in April 2017 where he was spotted at a gala in Southampton...

Green fingered students help with Warminster Rockery Project

Despite the rain, Fairfield Farm College students worked hard and did a fantastic job planting a variety of different flowers and vegetables at the Warminster Rockery Project. Students helped with planting courgettes, pricking out Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Habanero...

Learn Sign Language with Sign On at Fairfield Farm College

Join Sign On and earn your British Sign Language Level 1 Award. It's a great course for those learning sign language with little or no experience. It's a fantastic skill to learn, whether it's for work or home. See all the details on the leaflet below.We hope to see...

2019 Country Fayre and Family Fun Day

FAIRFIELD FARM COLLEGE COUNTRY FAYRE & FAMILY FUND DAY JULY 6TH 2019 - 11AM UNTIL 4PM Join us on July 6th for our Country Fayre and Family Fun Day! Enjoy a variety of different activities including; Games, Stalls, BBQ and Bar, Bouncy Castle, Cream Tea's, Stalls,...


On Thurs 6th June, FFC & Lavington School joined forces again, to plan, organise & deliver the Wilts Rainbow Shower Event. Now in it's third year, the event, aimed at children with additional needs was more popular than ever! Schools from across Swindon &...

Westbury Young People Awards nominations at Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College is very excited to announce that students have been shortlisted for 2 awards at this years Westbury Young People Awards.Harry Humphries – Young Individual Sportsperson of the Year AwardFairfield Farm College Student Council – School Council...

Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt visits Fairfield Farm College!

Fairfield Farm College were very excited to host Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt, who visited our Sports Leaders again, as part of the Youth Sport Trust 'Beyond the Baseline' project. They wrote a plan for their event & put it in their Learner Evidence...

Fairfield Farm College in Which Schools Guide for Special Needs 2019

Fairfield Farm College is very pleased to be featuring in the 2019/2020 edition of the John Catt's Which School? for Special Needs. You'll find us on pages pages 38-39 and p 98! You can find a link to the guide here - 


Mitchel Brown, a student at Fairfield Farm College, is celebrating a variety of sporting triumphs over the past few months, including ranking highly in a range of competitive athletic events.Mitchel is a keen runner, with the 100m and 200m as his main events. He is...

Rotary Club of Westbury fundraise for Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Rotary Club of Westbury for their donation from events and activities they have hosted over the past year. The generous donation will go towards a community indoor horse and sporting space coming in...

Green fingered students help with Warminster Rockery Project

Despite the rain, Fairfield Farm College students worked hard and did a fantastic job planting a variety of different flowers and vegetables at the Warminster Rockery Project. Students helped with planting courgettes, pricking out Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Habanero...

Learn Sign Language with Sign On at Fairfield Farm College

Join Sign On and earn your British Sign Language Level 1 Award. It's a great course for those learning sign language with little or no experience. It's a fantastic skill to learn, whether it's for work or home. See all the details on the leaflet below.We hope to see...

2019 Country Fayre and Family Fun Day

FAIRFIELD FARM COLLEGE COUNTRY FAYRE & FAMILY FUND DAY JULY 6TH 2019 - 11AM UNTIL 4PM Join us on July 6th for our Country Fayre and Family Fun Day! Enjoy a variety of different activities including; Games, Stalls, BBQ and Bar, Bouncy Castle, Cream Tea's, Stalls,...


On Thurs 6th June, FFC & Lavington School joined forces again, to plan, organise & deliver the Wilts Rainbow Shower Event. Now in it's third year, the event, aimed at children with additional needs was more popular than ever! Schools from across Swindon &...

Westbury Young People Awards nominations at Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College is very excited to announce that students have been shortlisted for 2 awards at this years Westbury Young People Awards.Harry Humphries – Young Individual Sportsperson of the Year AwardFairfield Farm College Student Council – School Council...

Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt visits Fairfield Farm College!

Fairfield Farm College were very excited to host Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt, who visited our Sports Leaders again, as part of the Youth Sport Trust 'Beyond the Baseline' project. They wrote a plan for their event & put it in their Learner Evidence...


Mitchel Brown, a student at Fairfield Farm College, is celebrating a variety of sporting triumphs over the past few months, including ranking highly in a range of competitive athletic events.Mitchel is a keen runner, with the 100m and 200m as his main events. He is...

Summer sports coming to Fairfield Farm College

There is plenty going on at Fairfield Farm College in the run-up to the summer, with lots of activities going on!  Thursday 6th June 2019 - Rainbow Shower Event The Rainbow Shower Event is taking place at Lavington School. This fun and messy event involves lots of...

Spring blooms on the Wylye Valley Arts Trail

The Enterprise students have been busy preparing for the Wylye Valley Arts trail. Whether it's been painted, knitted or another medium, there are some really impressive pieces that our students have created! Pieces are for sale, and some have already been snapped up...

Students shine at NATSPEC ‘Have A Go’ Games

Students at Fairfield Farm College made a very special trip to Paignton in Devon for the NATSPEC ‘Have A Go’ Games. Students got the opportunity to take park in a wide variety of different activities which included; tennis activities, football skills, taiko drumming...

Students attend ‘Spring in the park’ fete

On the 5th May, students from Fairfield Farm College attended the ‘Spring in the park’ fete in Warminster. As the Mayor’s chosen charity of the year, we were invited to take part and held a fun stall that students ran. There was a great turn out, and the weather,...

New kids on the block…

This week, our new goat kids have moved from their off-show accommodation out on to the Animal Walk. We spent some time with them to make sure they settled in with the others, which gave us a chance to give them a check-over (and a cuddle!) We currently have three...

Swimming success for student Harry Humpries

Harry was first spotted in April 2017 at a gala in Southampton specifically for people with Downs Syndrome.  Harry had only been swimming for a short time and this was his second gala but he performed well. At that time, he was only swimming once a week with Bristol...

Wyle Valley Arts Week

Fairfield Farm College will be taking part in Wyle Valley Arts Week from 18th to 27th May 2019.  Visit the college farm cafe and shop throughout the week and see the students artwork displayed.  Plus see this years Yarn Bomb display by the Woolley Wednesday group who...

Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training aims to bring an understanding of the everyday barriers experienced between D/deaf people and the hearing world. It is suitable for those who: Wish to acquire a basic understanding and awareness of deafness and deaf people; Need to acquire the...

Mitchel Brown – Fundraising Achievement

Fairfield Farm College student, Mitchel Brown, has taken part in an Ultra Challenge by walking 25K on Easter Sunday, joined by his mum and sister.  Mitch is raising funds for the College.  Mitch has said ‘he really wanted to raise funds for his own charity and help...

Group Mural

Group mural, coming along nicely. The idea from one of our students .

Fresh Egg from the Farm

Our chickens, ducks and turkeys are laying well. We collect the eggs daily to sell in the Farm Shop here at Fairfield. We just love the variety of colours our chickens give us, and now we are getting a steady supply of duck and turkey eggs too! Never tried a turkey...

New Highland Cattle on the Animal Walk

We are absolutely loving working with our new Highland cows, Nessie (white/ blonde) , Neeps (dun/ brown with horns) and Morag (red). They can be seen from the Animal Walk too, so come along and meet them. Morag, is very nosy and will probably come to see you!

Equine Holiday Workshop

We held our ever popular Equine holiday workshop. The group enjoyed learning how to groom horses, lead the Shetland ponies and braid the horse's manes and tails. All this as well as riding the horses in our arena and taking part in mounted games!

Screen Printing

Screen printed baby grows. Will be on sale at the college this week, perfect for the summer months.

Music to your ears!

An innovative project designed by one of our wonderful students, a recycled mountain bike wind chime. It’s music to your ears !

Recycled Student Projects

Recycled and reusable blackboard painted jars, for use as vases for any occasion. The students came up with this enterprise idea as a team so please do support us by popping into the cafe to see their unique designs.

Fairfield Farm Shop Wins 2nd Place in 2019 Wiltshire Life Awards

Fairfield Farm College Farm Shop was awarded 2nd place in the Village Shop 2019 Wiltshire Life Awards.  The Wiltshire Life Awards celebrate the extraordinary people, communities and businesses in our County.  The Awards seek to promote Wiltshire Businesses and...

Cricket Festival

Fairfield Farm College and Lavington School organised & delivered a day of cricket activities for 106 pupils from 7 different schools & colleges across Wiltshire.  This was the culmination of a block of work completed for their Sports Leaders UK Level 1...

Going Green

We are going green at Fairfield Farm College by reducing our plastic waste. We will be serving take away drinks in reusable cups. Buy one of our bamboo cups for £5 and get your first drink free and a further 15% off your hot drinks every time you return.Help support...

Fresh Eggs for Sale

We have some freshly laid eggs from the hens at Fairfield Farm College, £1.20 per half a dozen. Purchase them from our shop. Hurry whilst stocks last.

Animal Walk Open 6th April 2019

Fairfield Farm College Animal Walk will be open from Saturday 6th April 2019, just in time for the Easter holidays.  Why not pop down and see our new additions the Highland Cows.  Meet the chickens, ducks, alpacas, sheep and pigs plus we are hoping for some baby lambs...

Meet our new Highland Cattle

Fairfield Farm College has welcomed some new highland cattle to the farm.  Please come and see them on our animal walk when it reopens at Easter.

Sports Leaders teaching their Peers.

Fairfield Farm College Sports Leaders visited Lavington School to teach their Sports Leaders the carousel of cricket activities they have planned for the Inclusive Cricket Festival. Everyone completed the group warm up designed for the 100+ participants & then...

Fairfield Celebrates Apprenticeship Award

Fairfield Farm College has been awarded the 2019 Wiltshire College Medium Business of the Year Award for Apprenticeships during National Apprenticeship Week. Wiltshire College and University Centre is currently working with more than 1,500 apprentices in 37 industry...

Artwork for Hope Nature Centre

Mondrian inspired art for display at the Hope Nature Centre Cafe. Please do visit and have a look at some of the great work from our students at Fairfield.

Chicks on the farm

This week we have welcomed some new arrivals on the farm. Last month, we collected some of the beautiful blue eggs from our crested cream legbar chickens and put them in the incubator. Twenty-one days later, and chicks have arrived. We are currently learning how to...

Lots of Socks Day 2019

Fairfield Farm College is excited to support the World Down Syndrome ‘Lots of socks’ Day 2019 which takes place on the 21st March. We will be undertaking this fundraiser in partnership with Swindon Downs Group and Wiltshire Police.The proceeds from the sock sales will...

‘Quick Hands’ in Physical Education

Last week we looked at improving our fitness & using 'quick feet'. Today we extended this to using 'quick hands'. We practiced using both hands to move the speedstacks as fast as we could. We then transferred our skills to boxing movements. Everyone really...

Students work selected for Black Swan Arts

After an overwhelming amount of entries to the Black Swan Arts Competition 2019, Fairfield were fortunate enough to have 3 entries chosen to go into the exhibition.It will run for most of April so please do visit the Black Swan to have a...

Horse Grooming

Last week in Equine, the groups have been working really hard to groom the college horses as they have started moulting. Grooming out the loose hair helps to keep the horses more comfortable and stops the hair getting matted. By the end of the session the yard had a...

Sports Leaders Cricket Festival

The Sports Leaders will be delivering an Inclusive Cricket Festival later this month. Today they practiced some of their planned activities. They really thought about how to make the activities harder & easier & how to motivate the group.

Panathlon Champions Final

Fairfield Farm College saw 14 students represent Wiltshire at the South England Panathlon Champions Final which was held in Stoke Mandeville Stadium.  The students were well behaved and coped well with the early start and long journey.  The student showed great team...

Student Mitchel Brown Fundraising for the College

Fairfield Farm College student, Mitchel Brown is fundraising for the college by taking part in an Ultra Challenge, he will be walking 25K on Easter Sunday to raise funds for the college.  Mitch will be walking with his mum and sister who are also taking part in the...

Personalised Mosaics

Students have been working on a variety of mosaics lately and have done an amazing job. If you would like a personalised mosaic then please do let us know. Email for more info.

Keeping Fit and Healthy

We like to keep fit & healthy at Fairfield Farm College, so in PE we have been using 'quick feet' to raise our heart & breathing rates. The students also thought about how to challenge themselves by making the tasks more difficult.

Enterprise Projects

Bits n Bobs Jars; students have been developing their team working skills on this enterprise project.  Students have also been working on T-shirt printing and ceramic dishes.  All available to purchase in the Farm Cafe.  

Equine and Stable Management

In Equine and stable management, the groups have been learning how to clean the tack (saddles and bridles) that we use when riding. Tack cleaning is very important as it means we can check the tack for signs of wear or damage, keep the leather is good condition and...

Animal Management Newcomers

In animal management we recently welcomed four newcomers to Fairfield Farm College. Meet our new rats Dave, Jeff, Kevin and Gary! We had a competition among the students to choose the best names. They have already proved to be a big hit.


A beautiful watercolour produced by one of our talented students

Communication Skills

The Sports Leaders were thinking about how to communicate with people who cannot see. How do we guide? How do we help? They realised how important it is to give simple clear instructions & to slow down when explaining something. They also understood how important...

Animal Walk

Our animal walk is closed just for a short while to give the fields time to breath and recover after the winter ...Thank you to all our customers for your patience and support.  You can visit Hope Nature Centre in Southwick, Trowbridge to view some of our other...

Hope Nature Centre Re-Opening Fun Day!

Come along on Saturday 16th February 2019 to the Hope Nature Centre Re-Opening Fun Day, the event is running between 11am and 3pm.  There will be Tropical Discovery Workshops, Animal Petting, Pony Grooming, Active Trowbridge Sports Roadshow, Facepainting &...


Wonderful mosaics in progress, watch this space for the finished entries for the Black Swan Gallery.  

Experimenting with watercolours

Last week we have been experimenting with watercolours. Have a peek at some of the lovely pieces created by our students in Art Enterprise.

Black Swan Young Open Art Competition

The Young Open is the Black Swan in Frome's annual competition for creatives between the ages of 8 and 19. The Black Swan says "We’re always impressed with the variety and vibrancy of work submitted. And it’s one of our best-attended exhibitions of the year."   The...

Wessex Model Toy Collectors Donation

Fairfield Farm College students Jade and Tayanna were delighted to attended a cheque presentation event for The Wessex Model and Toy Collectors group (WMTC).Fairfield Farm College have been the clubs 2018 Charity of the Year where they raised funds through auctions...

Student Artwork

Some wonderful student made art pieces to go up in the Hope Nature Centre Cafe.  Mexican Art has been the theme of this session.

Bath Fizz Project

Luxury bath fizz, handmade by students this week in enterprise

Feltmaking Project

Feltmaking project. The students have been working as a team on their projects and developing their communication and problem solving skills.

Snow Day in Equine

The Fairfield horses have been enjoying some fun in the snow today! Luckily the equine groups were very organised and took up lots of hay bales to their fields, so today they have still had plenty to eat despite the deep coverage of snow. Staff have been on hand to...

Fairfield Egg Hunt

Fairfield Farm College will be holding its Annual Egg Hunt organised and run by the students on Friday 29th March 2019 from 10am to 4pm at the college. Find 4 different coloured eggs and win a prize, find the golden egg and win a £20 Gift Voucher.  £3.00 per child. ...

Fairfield Farm Shop

Fairfield Farm Shop have a selection of beautiful gifts and cards in stock for Valentine's Day, Birthday's and Special Occasions.  The staff and students have been working really hard to display the products and ensure everything is stocked up.  Why not pop in and...

Enterprise Gifts on Sale

The students in Enterprise have been working really hard producing handmade gifts to sell in Fairfield Farm Shop and Cafe.  All the funds raised from the sale of the gifts will go back into Enterprise to help fund new projects.  Come and take a look when you next...

Hope Nature Centre Cafe Re-Opens

Hope Nature Centre Cafe Re-opened on Monday 28th January 2019, after being closed for 4 weeks for refurbishment works using funding secured through a Masonic Grant.  The cafe has a new colour scheme, table cloths, chairs and a brand new menu.  Pop over for a coffee...


Students have been exploring the possibilities of photography. There have been some exciting things going on this week in enterprise.

Creativity in Enterprise

The students have been getting creative this week in Enterprise, making bunting and decorating horseshoe flowers for the garden.

Handmade Soap

Come and check out our handmade soap, available to buy in the college farm shop.  

Hope Nature Centre Valentines Specials

Join us at Hope Nature Centre for Valentines Day Specials on Sunday 17th February 2019.  There will be a Valentines Sunday Lunch served between 12 noon and 2pm,  A Sunday roast with crispy roast potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables, with a desert or starter...

Hope Nature Centre Re-Opening

To celebrate the refurbishment works at Hope Nature Centre, we are holding a re-opening fun day at Hope Nature Centre on Saturday 16th February 2019 from 11am to 3pm so that the community can join us to celebrate the newly refurbished kitchen and café.  There will be...

Donate Online

You can now donate online using our 'Donate Button', this can be found on the website.  Simply click the button and donate to Fairfield Farm College.  All funds donated go directly to benefit the college.  The current focus of our fundraising is on a new indoor multi...

Sports Leaders

In Weds' session our Sports Leaders thought about the different ways in which we communicate. They completed two activities1) In pairs- one student described a picture they had drawn & their partner tried to replicate it. However, they were only allowed to...

Hope Nature Centre Refurbishment

Hope Nature Centre has received a Masonic Grant to refurbish its kitchen and café.  Works began in January 2019 and will take around 4 weeks.  The Animal Park remains open and we are providing a limited menu and refreshments from our mobile van wagon on site. The new...

Equine Safety

First week back after the holidays and the groups in equine have been learning the safe way to tie up a horse. You need to tie up horses so that you can groom them, pick out their feet and tack them up ready for riding whilst keeping safe. Here are the group...

Table Cricket

We welcomed Wiltshire Cricket Growth Development Officer, Sam Dent to PE. Sam will be working with our PE groups for a few weeks. Today he introduced the students to Table Cricket. They also practiced their indoor cricket skills. The sessions were great! Everyone...

Egg Business

Now the days are getting longer, our hens are laying lots of eggs for the Fairfield Farm shop. We collect the eggs daily, and check them for damage before boxing them up and delivering them to the shop.Although most of our hens lay standard brown eggs, we have some...

Exercising the Horses

With the improved weather this past week the groups in Equine have been busy exercising the horses. This week we have been working on using our reins to steer the horses in and out of weaving cones and using their corners when riding around the horse arena.

End of Year Report

Fairfield Farm College is a registered charity delivering education and training to young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to prepare them for living and working. This year the Hope Nature Centre in Southwick, Trowbridge, joined the charity, offering...

Santa & Elf Dash

On Thursday 13th Dec Fairfield Farm College in Dilton Marsh hosted the Wiltshire annual Santa/Elf Dash, the college saw 400+ pupils, sports leaders & supporting staff from 23 primary schools, secondary schools, special schools & colleges take part in the...

Christmas Fair Success

Fairfield Farm College held its Annual Christmas Fair on Friday 7th December 2018, which was the biggest so far, the Mayor of Warminster opened proceedings at 6pm and we had a visit from the 'man in red' himself.  The event was supported by college staff and students...

Personal Safety Workshop

Foundation are having monthly workshops in their Friday afternoon tutorials covering issues such as Internet Safety, Road safety, looking after your money and personal items when out and about.  Last Friday we had a visit from the Local Police Community Support...


Students are now using the compost sump from the wormeries to feed the bulbs they have grown. Phew that stinks! Well done all! 

Physical Education

This week in PE our students continued training for the National Panathlon Championships (March 2019). They practiced throwing bean bags onto a target & into bins. They also competed on their own, in pairs & in threes in games of Boccia & New Age Kurling....

Equine Health Checks

With the recent change in the weather it has been even more important to check the heath of our horses and groom them to keep their coats in good condition. Our student have been hard at work bringing in and grooming our horses this past week.

Santa Dash

No long now until the Wiltshire Santa/Elf Dash. The FFC Sports Leaders have counted & distributed nearly 300 costumes across the County!  We have planned different activities to ensure everyone can be included in the fun. We can't wait!

Wiltshire Life Awards 2019

Fairfield Farm Shop has been nominated in the Wiltshire Life Awards 2019 which celebrates the hard work and achievements of those living in the county who strive to make it an even more incredible place to live.  We are delighted that Fairfield Farm Shop has been...

Warminster Santa Run

The Santa Fun/Run held in Warminster Town Park raised £164 for The British Heart Foundation and Fairfield Farm College. The Warminster Civic Centre raffle and street organ raised an additional £444 for the Mayor's charity Fairfield Farm College.  What fantastic...

Winning Christmas Design

The students at the college have been busy designing covers for the Christmas puddings that are being sold in the shop.  The students had around 3 weeks to come up with a festive design and to enter the competition.  The winning design was judged and chosen by the...

Serious Sewing

Some serious sewing has been happening this term. Students have been learning how to control the machine to enable them to create individual designs to go on sale in our cafe and shop.

Lest we forget!

Beautiful art work created by the enterprise students for Remembrance Sunday

Santa Train at Hope Nature Centre

Santa is coming to Hope Nature Centre - Every Saturday & Sunday in DecemberTrain departs at 10am, 12noon, 2pm & 4pmRide the Santa train through the park down to Santa’s Grotto Each child will meet Santa and get a special Christmas Gift!Price £10 per child...

Christmas Fair

Join us at Fairfield Farm College for our Christmas Fair on Friday 7th December 2018, from 6pm to 8pm.  External and internal stalls with home made goods, crafts, student work, mince pies, mulled wine, hotdogs/veggie dogs, Christmas raffle and Silent Auction. Look out...

Recycle and Re-use in Enterprise

The students have been creating beautiful wall collages over the past few weeks. They have been exploring the sensory side of Art Enterprise and how to recycle and re-use. Many of the designs will be available on greetings cards which will go on sale in the New...

Sports Leaders rise to the challenge

Sports Leaders Tom & Brodie & Wiltshire's Young Athlete Role Model Lizzie used all their officiating skills to help organise & deliver Boccia, New Age Kurling & Polybat at the Swindon & Wiltshire Panathlon.  They took on the challenge when asked...

Swindon and Wiltshire Panathlon

Fairfield Farm College students visited Marlborough College to compete in the Wiltshire and Swindon Panathlon.  We played Boccia, NAK, Polybat & Table Cricket & competed in indoor athletics activities against other schools and college's.  A fantastic team...

Farrier Visit

Last week in Equine and Stable management, our horses had a visit from our farrier Matthew Tilbury. The farrier looks after the horse's hooves and trims them so that the feet stay healthy. The group helped to prepare the horses for the farrier, hold them still and...

Step into Sport

Fairfield Farm College Sports Leaders took part in the 'Step into Sport' Leadership Days, last week.  The Sports Leaders presented and delivered to a group of students from Fairfield, Chew Valley, Lavington & St Edmunds, they spoke about why they became sports...

Sheep Health Check

Today on the farm, we gave all our Shetland sheep their autumn health check. We checked their feet, their teeth and their general condition, and also had a close look at their lovely crimped fleece.

Piglets on the Farm

Last week we welcomed a new litter of piglets to the farm. On Tuesday, Priscilla the pig gave birth to ten piglets. We helped move Priscilla and her family to a quiet area away from the Animal Walk which gave us a rare chance to handle piglets. They are so warm, but...

Hamper Donation

Want to win this fantastic hamper which has been donated by Carphone Warehouse then pop into our shop or the cafe and buy a raffle ticket. Tickets are £1 each and the draw will take place on Monday 17th December 2018. What a beautiful Christmas gift this would make. ...

Student Council

Students who have put themselves forward for Student Council election gave speeches to support their case for being elected. Following this all students cast their votes - watch this space for the result once the count is in!  

Car Washing Project

The car washing enterprise project has taken off with a bang. Students have been working incredibly hard this term and have developed many new and useful skills.

Apple Bobbing on the Farm

This week we introduced some of our animals to apple (and pear) bobbing. The goats soon got the hang of it, and we gave them some small pieces of apple as a treat. Priscilla the pig was able to crunch her apples and pears up and made everyone laugh by blowing bubbles...

Creative in Enterprise

Students getting creative with body and movement this week in Enterprise. They have been studying the artist, Keith Haring and will develop their ideas into fun products ready for the Christmas Fair.

Sporting Achievement!

Rachel Bown our Inclusive Sports and Exercise Co-ordinator at the college received an award from Triathlon England South West: 'Members Achievement Award'.  This award is in recognition of the Wiltshire Inclusive Triathlon that Rachel designed for children across...

In the Farm Shop

The students have been busy in the shop this morning, arranging a beautiful display of fresh fruit and vegetables to showcase what we have on offer for our customers.  They look delicious!

Foundation Tutor’s Fundraising Challenge

Sheena our Foundation Tutor is one month into her weigh loss challenge fundraiser for Fairfield Farm College.  Sheena is aiming to loose 2 stone by Christmas and she is already 1 stone lighter.  Amazing, well done Sheena! Sheena's story in her own words: "At one point...

Clothes Bank

Help us fundraise by turning your unwanted clothes into funds for the college. We now have a clothes back in the cafe car park, donations are weighed in and we get funds per kilo for the college. We accept clothes, shoes (in pairs), sheets, towels,...

Animal Walk Litter Pick

Last week, the animal management students went litter picking around the animal walk and the fields close by, they found so much rubbish that it filled up the classroom table.  A session well spent and a much tidier animal walk for the public and students...

Art Enterprise

Art Enterprise students have been busy making an array of beautiful mosaics, which can be bought from the college shop or made to order if you would like a specific design.  This week the students have also made these cool T-shirts, which are ideal to...

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders identified what good & bad sports leaders 'look' like in today's session. They also created & practiced some activities they hope to use when local primary children visit us later in the year. Our word of the session was...


Last week in Equine, the 1st year students were helping to care for and ride the college horses. For some of our new students this was their first ever time riding a horse! Well done to all of them, this is a huge achievement!    

Catering team preparing a delicious lunch!

A busy session in the kitchen today with Pete our catering tutor, as the students help prepare lasagne for lunch with salad.  The students learn about food hygiene, kitchen safety and food preparation techniques.  The students also learn about working as a...

Friends of Fairfield First Karaoke Evening!

The Friends of Fairfield held their first Karaoke Evening, meet and greet for families, new parents and students on Friday 28th September 2018.  The event was enjoyed by the college students who joined in the karaoke on the big screen.  The social event for the...

Horse and Dog Show Success

On Saturday 22nd September Fairfield Farm College held its Annual Horse and Dog Show fundraising event.  Despite the wet weather we had a good community support and managed to raise over £1000K to go towards the Indoor Horse Arena Project. We couldn’t have...

Work Experience

Fabulous pictures of two of our students undertaking their induction in readiness for their placements at Tesco Extra. Good luck in your jobs ladies, and thank you Tesco for the opportunity .  

Students provide FFC planting service!

David Robinson, Horticulture Lead, met with Jette (from Dilton Marsh village) who asked him if FFC had a planting service. Following this conversation, David visited Jette’s home and quoted for a gardening job which was agreed by Jette. Mitch, one of our students,...

New Website Launch

Welcome to the brand new Fairfield Farm College website. We hope you enjoy the fresh new look and the exciting new features that the website has to offer! Don't forget to bookmark our News website so you don't miss out on our latest news.


Today we celebrated another successful year at Fairfield and said a sad farewell to our leavers – we wish you all the very best in your future lives – please do keep in touch. Have a great summer – we look forward to seeing returning and new students on 5th...

Sports day

We were joined today by Paralympian and 2012 Archery Silver medalist Mel Clarke. After a great day of sports, trialling new events and activities Mel talked to students and showed us her medal. Thanks to all Mel, Andy from Active Trowbridge and to all who organised...

Whole College Trip

Yesterday staff and students enjoyed a fabulous day out at Longleat to celebrate the end of another wonderfully successful year at College. In tutor groups we enjoyed train and boat rides, 'rocking rhino' rides, interaction with animals and much much more - not...

Reunion BBQ

We held our annual re-union BBQ today. Students, ex students and and staff enjoyed a wonderful lunch, then spent time chatting and catching up during the afternoon. It was lovely to welcome so many of you back and to hear your news - you are all doing so well!


Students and staff joined together to celebrate the (almost) end of another wonderful and successful year at college. A circus theme prevailed, wonderful outfits, music from DJ le Frog and delicious food and drinks ensured a fabulous time was had by all and the night...

Keeping Cool!

This week, we have been doing whatever we can to keep our animals cool and healthy. Our rats Poppy and Amelia have had a bath as has our (rather stinky) ferret, George. Chocolate and Fudge the alpacas enjoyed a paddle when we cleaned out their water trough, and...

Role Swap day

Today, Lizzie (student) and Tina (Principal) did a 'role swap' this saw Tina joining Animal Management, Catering and Horse Studies Sessions, whilst Lizzie caught up with staff about changes for the coming year, met suppliers and ensured the smooth running of the...

The Rainbow Shower Event 2018

Following the success of last year's Rainbow Shower Event, FFC & Lavington School teamed up again to create an even bigger rainbow!  187 young people with additional needs from 15 different schools & colleges across Wiltshire, enjoyed being active with lots of...

Students bring home 2 trophies from the Westbury Youth Awards

Students were nominated for a total of 4 awards for this years Westbury Youth Awards. Student Council, Sports Leaders, Sporting Achievement and Young Achiever. All students nominated will receive certificates but two groups came home with trophies. For the second year...

Art Enterprise

Enterprise students have been testing out the new screen printing equipment. Students have been tie dying t shirts and choosing designs to screen print on to them.


Most of the team made it to the top, and here they are!

Snowdon update

Well, they're off! Our team set off bright and early this morning after spending the night in a local bunkhouse. First pictures are coming in from the mountain - keep an eye on this website and on our Facebook page for updates!   Good luck to you all, have fun!  ...


Thea team left this afternoon and are en-route to the bunkhouse for an overnight stay prior to their climb tomorrow! Keep up with their progress here and on our Facebook page. The team are now checked in and fed! There is still time to sponsor us!...

Wavin Opening

The grand opening of the factory extension at Wavin was conducted by his Excellency Julian Ventura Valero, Ambassador for  United Mexican States.  Local schools and colleges attended, along with local recruitment agencies and key clients.  Wavin is a European market...

Youth Club

Youth Club attendees enjoyed an evening with the Dilton Acoustic group last night.   If you would like to attend Youth Club, please contact us as we currently have a waiting list.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders joined forces last Wednesday with Lavington School Sports Leaders to plan, organise & deliver a Cricket Festival for a group of Wilts Schools. There were 68 participants from the following schools: Lavington School, Westbury Juniors, St Johns...

Horse Studies

In horse studies today the group bathed one of the college horses. Paddy really enjoyed his bath and it was much needed as where the weather has suddenly changed he hasn't fully moulted his winter coat and was quite sweaty. The group worked really hard to make sure...

New arrivals!

This week on the farm, we have been getting to know our newest arrivals. During the Easter holidays, we had twin pygmy goats born to Daffodil, one boy and one girl. Any suggestions for names would be more than welcome. Dad is called Nintendo and big brother is...

Thank you

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to John Wainwright and Co for supplying us with surfacing material for our new overflow car park!


The pony clubbers had a lovely (dry!!) day with the Fairfield horses; after grooming them and learning how to tack up, they took part in games in the horse arena, particular favourites were the bean bag and egg (ball) and spoon races!  In the afternoon the group then...

Horticulture news!

Students have been working together with the Warminster Parks department to regenerate the Rockery Garden in Warminster. The project started a year ago and students have been attending 3 hours a week clearing the severe bramble and bindweed infestation, emptying the...

Farm news!

This week on the farm it has been really busy. We now have four goat kids, two of which are having to be bottle fed, and seven lambs, one of which also has to be bottle fed. Our four goat kids are called Blossom, Basil, Edelweiss and Oopsie-Daisy. Although most of the...

Animal news!

Today at the farm, we checked on our two new goat kids and cleaned up the afterbirth. We also checked on our little runt lamb, and helped him feed from his mum. He is getting much stronger now and hasn't needed milk from the bottle today.

Snowdon Challenge

Fairfield Farm College Staff and Students are challenging themselves to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon (1085m high) to raise funds for the New Indoor Horse Arena Project. You can sponsor us or donate in college or on our fundraising page:...


Over the weekend we have had 5 Shetland lambs born and today we checked them all and weighed them. We are a bit worried one of them is not feeding properly, so we have offered him some milk in a bottle, which he eagerly drank.

Art Competition update!

For those of you who would like to visit, the exhibition of entries at the Black Swan in Frome is open to the public from the 17th March-7th April.

Art Exhibition

In the Black Swan Art gallery in Frome there is an exhibition for young artists 10 of our Art Enterprise students entered and 5 have been shortlisted. Judging day is Saturday 17th March for anyone who would like to attend, there will be other opportunities to go and...


Weather conditions are poor in Dilton Marsh, with more snow forecast later we think it’s best that students remain at home today. See you all next week!


With students travelling from across Wiltshire and beyond, we would ask that you use your own judgement on whether it is safe for your child to travel to and from college. It is really important that you inform us of your plans so that we know whether to expect your...

Another busy week

It has been another busy week in Enterprise Our pictures show Ashley- Felt-making,  Andrew and Kieran up-cycling furniture, Connie making clay pendants, Henry,  Tayanna, Callum and Ashley washing cars Zack, Emily, Tom G working on a new mosaic to go in...


The equine group had a lovely ride in the sunshine this afternoon.  Special shout out to one of our riders who rode Derby off the lead rein today for the first time on only his 3rd ever ride!  The group learnt about shapes and worked on their steering and transitions...

School Visit

Today we showed Westbury Infant School around the farm. They saw the chickens out by the pond and the alpacas called Chocolate and Fudge and the cows in the next field. They saw the 12 piglets and their mum, everyone liked the piglets best! It was a very cold, bright...

Community visits

Students have recently begun visiting residents at Westbury Court Care Home. Staff from Westbury Court emailed  following their last visit to say thank you for a cake which students took along, they said that residents really enjoyed it and also enjoyed being served...


The West Wiltshire Schools Sports Partnership Dance Festival called again this year, and did we deliver! Students spent weeks rehearsing and delivered an amazing performance at The Forum Bath on Thursday 8th February. Our Vampires were amazing as the opening act of...

Student Council

Student Council met with the Chair of Trustees and the Principal yesterday to discuss ideas and issues. They put forward the idea to have picnic benches for the warmer weather and this was agreed. The new suggestion box for ideas was discussed, as well as plans for...


Students are busy rehearsing for next weeks Dance Festival performance at the Forum in Bath - here is a peep at those rehearsals!


Enterprise students have been really busy around the college so far this week! We have done carwashing, Nick making a bottle opener, Esther making a mosaic plant pot, Joe making a dolphin mosaic, Tayanna a heart mosaic, Zara a Mosaic, Ryan sanding ceramic coasters...


Ashley, Kye and Ryan at work in Catering today.

Horse Studies

This afternoon the horse studies group have been practicing their pole-work and helping the horses work off some of their Christmas puddings!  Jaydon has been learning how to support others by leading safely.


Just a couple of photos of our 12 piglets born on the night of the 20th/21st January to Priscilla 🐷

Students at work

Horticulture students have been out and about around the site today checking and caring for plants!

Youth Club

No Youth Club this week, first YC of this term on 11/01/18 - hope to see you there!

Christmas Lunch

Students, staff and Trustees enjoyed another delicious lunch together this year, many thanks to Pete and team for preparing, cooking and serving such a delicious meal, and to students and staff who prepared the seating so festively!

Cafe Carol Service

This morning customers, visitors, staff and students enjoyed our annual Christmas service in the cafe!    

Christmas Fair

We held our annual Christmas Fair on Friday evening, with a 'meet Olaf for a selfie' opportunity for the huge numbers of you who came along and supported the event. With a fabulous mix of student produce and external stalls a wonderfully 'Christmassy' evening was...


Today we welcomed our students and 233 pupils & 112 supporting adults from 22 Wilts schools to our Santa and Elf Dash, they had a great time!. In addition, our 7 Sports Leaders & 16 Lavington School Sports Leaders all had a positive event too. Huge thanks to...

Students learn to clip our Horses!

Students have been busy helping to clip the horses this week in horse studies to help stop them getting sweaty during riding sessions.  The students were able to try their hand at clipping and found it wasn't quite as easy as it looked!  Derby was much happier after...

Last Wednesday our Sports Leaders hosted an inclusive sensory PE event for students from Larkrise School. The aims of the session were to ensure that all our visitors had the opportunity to try new things & work with new people whilst having fun. The Sports...

Snakes Alive!

Animal management students working with snakes! On Friday our corn snake 'Puff' shed his skin for the first time since coming to live with us and ate a meal of two baby rats. He eats every two weeks We managed to catch a little time lapse footage of him feeding. Today...

Fairfield Farm’s Sport Leaders Inclusive Event Success!

Fairfield Farm's Sport Leaders led by Rachel Bown – Inclusive Sports Coordinator were really excited to host an inclusive sports event for the students of Larkrise School. The Sports Leaders have planned, created, devised and practiced the leadership of a...

Important meeting

The Student Council met with Tina Pagett, College Principal this week to raise questions from recent student meetings. Tina answered their questions and reported back to students on events and future plans, she was given a good 'grilling' by the committee!

Christmas Shopping!

Residential students enjoyed a Christmas shopping visit to Whitehall Garden Centre at the weekend!

Pantathlon Games 2017

Panathlon were held at Marlborough College. This is a multi-sport event & is organised by a national charity. We came 2nd & won silver medals, but most importantly had a fab day. Everyone got a chance to play everything & everyone showed off their skills...

Children in Need

Such fun in college today, a day full of fundraising, spots, cakes and onesies!

Warminster Rockery Garden Project

Our  photos show what the rockery garden looked like when we began, and what it looks like after the students, along with tutor David planted it up today. We had lots of encouraging comments from the passers by. Students are undecided if they like attending for...

Cooking Holiday Workshop

Fabulous pictures from last weeks Holiday Cooking Workshop where young people cooked and ate delicious meals together. The day was a Mexican theme, the students cooked chilli con carne, guacamole, mexican bean dip served with tortilla chips, smoked cheese, mexican...


Ahead of Christmas and the annual college fair we are appealing for decorations for the college site and cafe. If you are able to help please let us know. View our poster HERE  

Student Council Elections

Over the last two weeks students have been creating posters and campaigning for election to student council. On Tuesday all candidates gave speeches in the common room to explain why they would be right for the job, following this voting took place and the results...

Animal Management

Callum, Mitch, Henry and Ashley helped move the new chicken house in to position so the maintenance team could put it up, this was done on the day we had the really strange orange sun and sky, which can be seen in the photo! Some of the students including Tom helped...

Work Experience Week

To celebrate work experience week we had a visit this morning from two ex students Robbie and Ryan. Robbie explained to us that he is now working with several employers during the week, including Cancer research at both the Marlborough and Swindon branches, and...


Not to be outdone by busy customer care students, the engineering department have also been busy today. Archie completed his lamp, Callum was busy resembling an engine, Jospeh M and Allanah were working on their horseshoe and hammer dogs, Ryan using a hacksaw for the...

Reception duties

Archie and Esther worked really hard on their reception duties this morning completing tasks including; Checking there was sufficient toilet roll and soap, checking the photocopier/printer had enough paper, delivering voting papers for the student council election,...

Fairfield Gardeners

Our Horticulture students have been busy over the last few days, harvesting Borlotti Beans and planting up on the Walled Garden project - great teamwork!

Art work!

Fabulous work in Art this morning saw Alfie weaving, Tayanna working on landcape collage art inspired by Van Gogh Katie working on Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' using acrylic paint and oil pastel and Kayleigh finishing her Tie Dye T Shirt!

Friends of Fairfield Skittles night

Our friends group are holding a fun skittles night on 11th November at the Dilton Marsh Social Club. £1 entry on the door. Come along and join us for a fun night and help us raise some money too! Click HERE for more information Donations of raffle prizes most...

Christmas Fair

Planning is now in full swing for our annual Christmas Fair on 8th December from 6-8pm. Please see  our poster HERE for full details. If you can help with planning, with a stall on the night, by donating a raffle prize or in any other way please get in touch.

SEND Report

As an independent specialist college providing education for young people aged 16-24 years with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, the college is obliged to publish a SEND report. The draft report for 2017 can be accessed here: See the draft SEND Report HERE...

Employability Fair

A date for your diaries! We will be attending the Employability Fair at County Hall on 7th November - please come along and see us! #DisabilityConfident Information leaflet here

Superhero Triathlon Team Success

Fairfield sent a team to the Superhero Triathlon at Eton College, Dorney Lake on Saturday.  Paralympian David Hill supported Fairfield once again by joining the team and leading on the swimming element of the triathlon.  Team Hill/Nash/Buck completed the event in 48...

Pony Camp

Last week saw another Pony Camp Holiday Workshop - our group put in lots of hard work and had fun looking after and riding the horses.    

Super Hero Triathlon

On Sat 19th Aug Charlie Nash & Jordan Buck will be joining Paralympic Swimmer/Triathlete David Hill to make up a formidable Super Hero Triathlon relay team. The event is taking place at Eton Dorney, an iconic rowing lake that hosts numerous triathlons throughout...

Woolie Wednesdays

We were delighted to receive a cheque from the Woolie Wednesday’s of £522.80 which they have raised through their ‘Yarn Bomb’ at the college, this took place initially over Wyle Valley Arts week. The display was so popular that it remained up for weeks after the...

Graduation photographs

We are thrilled to share these fantastic photos of our leavers- they have done so well to achieve so much so far. We have included information about their next steps.... please keep us updated all of you as you develop, grow and move on! Danielle  will remain living...

Graduation and Awards 2017

We were delighted to welcome so many students, family, friends and staff to college this afternoon for our Graduation and Award Ceremony. Anne Dunham OBE Paralympic Dressage Gold Medalist joined us to celebrate our youngsters achievements and to present awards and...

Horse and Dog Show

We were thrilled to welcome so many of you with your beautiful horses and dogs to our show again this year. Thank you all so much for coming along and joining us for this fantastic day. Huge congratulations to Kate and her team of volunteers for organising and running...

Rainbow Shower supported by Fairfield Sports Leaders

Rachel Bown with the support of The Youth Sport Trust and Lavington School hosted an amazing Rainbow Shower today with over 200 children and young people with additional needs in Wiltshire.  Over 30 sports leaders including trained leaders from Fairfield helped to run...

Fundraising Event

We will be holding a race night on 29th September from 7pm as part of our Fundraising for the new Indoor Arena. Tickets £10 to include a 2 course meal and Raffle Ticket. Prizes for best dressed and best hat, licensed bar.   Sponsor a race for £25 Buy a horse for...

Re-union BBQ

We welcomed ex students into college today for our annual reunion BBQ. Lots of news was exchanged over a delicious lunch provided by Pete and the team.

New arrivals!

We have just hatched our first eggs using our new incubator sponsored by Garston Veterinary Group and Stonegate eggs. We have 5 Saxony ducks and one Cayuga duck (the black one) They hatched on Friday 30th June after 28 days in the incubator. When they are big enough,...

Sports Day

Students are enjoying a range of activities for Sports Day. Activities on offer are Taekwondo, Inflatable Course, Cricket, Cheer-leading and Indo-Boarding. Much fun and laughter all around the site, great participation, support for each other and team-work too! Our...

Summer Ball 2017

Students and staff gathered together for an 'Under the Sea' themed Summer Ball on Friday evening. A fabulous time was has by all!    

National Youth Disability Athletics

Mitch arrived in Warwick, one of only 8 young people selected to represent the South in the National Youth Disability Athletics. He approved of his luxury hotel! Good luck for tomorrow Mitch.    


Fabulous afternoon at Palmer Gardens Award Ceremony seeing students, past students and STEPs residents receiving awards for their hard work, very well done to you all!  

Foundation trip

Foundation Learners went to Bradford on Avon on Friday. All of the learners were part of planning what they should make for their lunch in sessions last week. They then went as a group to Morrison's. All the students went to different areas to collect different things...


This week we have welcomed two new animals, Wesley the Shetland ram and Nintendo (named because he has markings that look like a D and an S) the pygmy goat billy. They will be used for future breeding projects Our Ducklings are due to hatch Thursday next week 🐥

RDA Show

The horse studies group had a fantastic day at the RDA show at Warminster saddle club yesterday and came home with armfuls of rosettes. Everyone was able to stay cool despite the heat and the horses were super for us all day. A special mention to Nick who came away...

Art in the great outdoors

Students at Fairfield spend much of their time in the great outdoors. In the hot weather today, the art group found a spot under the trees to enjoy their session!

Skittles social night for students

A massive thank you to the Friends of Fairfield (parent/family group) for organising another successful skittles night for students and their families.  A great night to get together, have fun and raise a little money - thank you. The winners were Jack and Megan!

Brokerswood activity day

The second group of students enjoyed lovely weather for their day at Brokerswood with some of the outdoor learning group camping overnight.  Thanks to the staff at Brokerswood for supporting students to really challenge themselves and having such a fantastic day.

Local Youth Network

Our student council attending the LYN meeting in Westbury tonight.

Brokerswood trip

On the first of our summer college trip days much fun is being had by all at Brokerswood!

Post Office

POST OFFICE  Due to staff sickness, the post office will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We will re open on Friday 16th  Our apologies for any inconvenience 

Skittles Night

Please join us for a fun fundraising SKITTLES NIGHT Saturday 17th June 19:30 At Dilton Marsh Social Club (Petticoat lane, Dilton Marsh). £2 entry (To include first games of skittles) Snacks provided, cash bar, raffle. Come along and join us for a fun evening....

St Nicholas visit

On Friday we held another PE transition session with a different group from St Nicholas's Poplar College, Chippenham. The group began with a tour of Fairfield & then participated in a range of physical activities & challenges. The four students behaved...

Friends of Fairfield donate to buy iPads

The college are delighted to receive a cheque from the Friends of Fairfield for £922.80 to purchase 4 iPads for the students! Thank, you it's an amazing donation from the Friends fundraising efforts.

Animal Management

It has been a busy week in Animal Management... Chocolate's birthday was this week - he turned 9 The incubator has currently got 12 duck eggs in it, which have been in a week. Today we 'candled' them (shone a light through to check development) and they all have...

Mosaic Workshop

A few pictures from our fabulous workshop held during half term.

Colour Vibe 5K

Rebecca Hartnell, Sharna Routley and Jasmine Murphy are taking part in Colour Vibe 5K in Bristol on 29th July 2017 to raise funds for some new horse equipment. Please donate if you can..... See their just giving page here

New Workshops announced

We are thrilled to add 2 new workshops for the summer. On 20th July and 1st August we will be running PE workshops. PE  Workshop 20 July 2017 PE  Workshop 1 August 2017

Waitrose Good Causes

Breaking news - Fairfield Farm College has been nominated as a June Good Cause in Waitrose in Warminster. From 1st June 2017 get your green tokens and place them in our box to help us secure funds towards the college. Spread the word!

Sports Leaders

Over the last few terms our team of Sports Leaders have been planning, organising & delivering PE sessions to Castlemead Primary School & Westbury Junior School. It has been a massive learning curve for everyone but the objectives were set & have been met!...

Fairfield Gardeners

Just look at what the Fairfield Gardeners got up to yesterday. This is the rockery garden in Warminster Pleasure Park which they are clearing of waste. Over the summer and autumn they will start to plant it up so that it is ready for re-opening.   A big thank you to...

Schools visit

Young people from St Nicholas School and Fosseway School visited last Friday for a transition day - here they are enjoying PE and lunch!


Dave Stockley has been playing golf since 7am and the Foundation students have been along to offer their support at the start of Dave's second round. So far Dave has raised an amazing £1100 for floodlights for the MUGA. Sponsorship still welcome  please let us know if...


A group of horse studies students had the opportunity to watch the dressage phase of Badminton Horse trials last Friday.  They really enjoyed seeing such a range of horses representing their different countries at this top level.  They were also lucky enough to meet...

Let’s make music!

We are delighted to receive a donation of percussion instruments from All Instruments Ltd - Westbury, we are looking forward to working more closely with David and the team at All Instruments Ltd in Westbury who will be providing some music workshops at the college...

New arrivals!

Our newest arrivals are three Embden goose goslings. They are 2 weeks old. they are yet to be named, but are two boys and a girl.

Fundraising update

We held our first Easter Egg Hunt fundraiser on Wednesday 5th April 2017, the college is fundraising for a New Indoor Equestrian Arena to support the students Horse Studies curriculum and to provide a facility for the wider community to hire. Sponsorship was secured...

Caring for Animals holiday workshop fun

All the animals at Fairfield volunteered to take part in the holiday workshop this week!  All those attending learnt new skills on looking after animals, a good day for young people and animals!

Easter Egg Hunt

We are busy preparing for our Easter Egg Hunt, please join us tomorrow from 10-2 for chocolatey fun!

Sky Sports Living For Sports Football

Sky Sports Living For Sports Football The bad news is our SSLFS project with Lavington School has finished! The good news is we are planning to keep our links & play different sports together in the future! FFC visited Lavington School on Fri 31st March for our...

Easter Egg Hunt

Don't forget the Easter Egg Hunt this Wednesday from 10-2. Sponsored by Allen and Harris Westbury who are donating a prize of £20 Toys r Us voucher for the person who finds the 'Golden' Egg.

Painting fun!

Students having great waterpistol painting fun for Autism week!  


Please note our cafe, shop and Post Office will be closed on Sunday 2nd April.

Archaeological Dig

Students got stuck in searching for archaeological finds at Fairfield Farm College on Friday 24th March. They were inspired by the pupils of Dilton Marsh Primary school who found a 1799 half penny! Dilton Marsh Archaeological Society kindly suggested the event and...

Quiz Night

What a great fun time at the Quiz Night on Friday night - lots of witty banter, definitely some dodgy marking and some very worthy winners at the end! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out - we'll post the total raised when Heather's finished counting!

Lucy’s success at Wessex Riding Club

Lucy took part in a dressage competition today hosted by Wessex Riding club at the Wilton RDA Centre.  She came second in her class.  We are all really proud of her achievement - well done Lucy!

Healthy Living Project

A GROUP of students  who have been working on a healthy living pilot project with Wiltshire Council health trainers celebrated their success with an end of course lunch on Monday, February 27. The project was delivered in college as part of the Personal, Social and...

Easter Egg Hunt

We are holding an Easter Egg hunt here on 5th April from 1000-1400 - please come and join in for delicious fun!

Working hard!

Congratulations to Joe from our STEPs programme who has secured a work placement for 5 days a week.

Fairfield Student Council win at the Westbury Youth Awards

Sam, Dominic, Lizzy and Jaydon received the award for most influential student council at the Westbury Youth Awards tonight.  The students ran a competitive election campaign this year and were voted in by their peers. John was also nominated for a young achievers...

Wheelchair Basketball

Students Kelly, Nick, Ashley and Joseph attended  a wheelchair basketball session at St Augustine's School on Tuesday and had such fun!

Saxon Dressage

Huge congratulations to students who took part in Saxon Dressage last weekend - what a haul of rosettes you won! Places: 6th Henry 5th Mitch 4th Sean 3rd Jaydon 2nd Kim 1st Lizzie Wow, and very well done!

Maths Week

MATHS WEEK was on from 27th February to 3rd March We had fun playing a variety of maths games. Functional Skills students have been inventing their own maths games, which have been entered into the NATSPEC maths week competition called 'Game on'. It was great fun...

Westbury Young People’s awards

Several of our students have been nominated for awards in the Westbury Young People's awards and have received invitations to the celebration evening on March 10th. Nominees: John - Young Achievers Award Dominic, Elizabeth, Jaydon and Sam - Student Council Award Good...

Deluxe pancake service

Catering students have been busy making pancakes over the past 2 days, today they took their delicious pancakes and various toppings around the college - service with a smile from Callum, Mitch, Sean and Jordon!  

Student Council drop in

At lunch time the student council led an open sitting so the students could talk to them, it went really well and students took the opportunity to discuss some issues and ideas with the council. thoughts. Well done to Sam, Jaydon, Lizzy and Dom.

West Wilts Dance Festival

Oh wow! Didn't they do well? Our amazing dancers at last nights live performance of 'Dare to Dream' at the West Wilts Dance festival. They were simply brilliant, we are so proud of you all and of all your hard work. Special thanks to Rachel, Katie and Katie for all...

Holiday cooking workshop

Today the building has smelt wonderful as Cherry and the cooking workshop participants have tempted us all with their delightful baking. Take a look!       

STEPS to Independence

The STEPS group have been out and about and eating healthily this week - take a look!


Please help us to raise money for music lessons for our students by following the link below and voting for us in the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund 2016/17 - please like and share with family and friends to help make this happen!...

Youth Club Update

Due to illness our live band A Night in the Blind House are not able to play at Youth Club tonight - get well soon guys!   DJ le Frog has come to the rescue and so we will have a disco instead, so slip on those dancing shoes and come along!   See you later!   Please...


Stanley Pagett is 12 years old and loves helping at the youth club especially playing football. He wants to raise money for more footballs and other sports equipment and so is running the New Forest 10k in March. Please sponsor Stanley - see his Just Giving page here...

Steps residents enjoy visiting Frankie & Benny’s!

The Steps to Independence programme is a flexible residential programme to support young people to learn to live more independently. This weekend, Henry joined Sarah, Kim and Joe on a local trip to Frankie and Benny's as part of their independence training.

Massive thank you to IKEA!

Following a visit to Ikea to work with the Marketing Manager, Magdalena, I met with Lisa Woods who along with Melinda Broughton and Emma Thompson, came up with a fantastic idea to make use of their show kitchens.  Melinda visited Fairfield and met students and...


Harry Hitchcock is fundraising for us by running the Bath Half Marathon. Please visit his Just Giving page and sponsor him.  

Physical theatre taster day

Nicki Pearce visited us to deliver PT taster sessions, aims of the taster sessions were : To learn a new skill (Physical Theatre) To work collaboratively to achieve a suitable outcome To build confidence when delivering ideas and working in a team To communicate...


We are progressing nicely. Our costumes have arrived & the excitement is building!!


Jeremy and Sue Paget and college staff  are feeling very proud of Lucy Paget who has just passed the Intial Bit E3 award in recognising, cleaning and putting on saddle and bridle course at Greatwood - well done Lucy.    


Supported employee Tony Haines celebrates his 60th Birthday this week so cake and celebrations were the order of the day today. Tony started life at Fairfield as a student at 16 and after many years as a student was employed as a Farm Labourer. He worked for charity...

Youth Club

We welcomed everyone back last week with a games and planning night, and this week had a visit from Tropical Discovery. What fun everyone had meeting their creatures!

West Wilts Dance Festival

Advance warning!  Fairfield students will be appearing in the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Bath Forum on Thursday 23rd February! - tickets available now from…/Bat…/Box_Office/Box_Office.aspx Please note there will not be any Youth Club...


We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - see you very soon....

Dance Performance

We all enjoyed a fabulous dance performance this afternoon, Well done to Katie and all the students for their hard work this term! Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!    

Friends of Fairfield Christmas Fair

What a fabulous evening! So good to see so many of you here tonight making the fair such a success. Great to catch up with some ex students too, especially those who had travelled so far! Huge thanks to all who helped organise, set up, ran a stall, booked a stall,...

Sky Sports Living for Sport

The college has been entered  into an initiative sponsored by Sky TV. It's called Sky Sports Living for Sport & it is supported by the Youth Sport Trust. We will be collaborating with Lavington School. The following students are involved:...

Sports Leaders

On Friday 2nd Dec our Sports Leaders joined The Clarendon Academy Sports Leaders to deliver a collaborative Christmas PE event for KS2 pupils with special educational needs. Pupils came from Larkrise Special School, St Johns Primary School & Westbury Junior...

Image Theatre

We were delighted to welcome Image Theatre back into college this afternoon where we joined them in a performance of Jungle Book, such a good show!

Christmas Fair 9th Dec 6-8pm

Come along for an evening of festive fun, start your Christmas Shopping and enjoy mulled wine and mince pies.  

Esther gets a driving lesson

When young people apply to Fairfield they come for an assessment visit to see if they like Fairfield and for us to make sure that we can meet their needs and goals from the Education, Health and Care Plans.  A day student spends 2 days with us and a residential...

New arrivals at Fairfield

The animal management group went to Standerwick Market on Friday to buy cattle.  Two Dexters and three Belgium Blues were purchased and you can see them settling into Fairfield below:

Young Leaders

Our Young Leaders worked with children from Castlemead Primary School on Friday in a much enjoyed session.   As you can see from the photos everyone really did have a great time Rachel, our PE tutor was very proud of our Young Leaders she said 'every one of them...

Children in Need

For Children in Need students  jumped, skipped, stepped & hopped themselves off the ground 6257 times!!! Students came into the sessions and participated fully & contributed to the grand score. They supported each other with enthusiasm & the students who...

Panathlon Games

Panathlon is a charity that provides sporting opportunities to over 10,000 disabled young people, every year over 500 schools across the country take part in ‘mini Paralympic’ multi-sport competitions. Today, students attended and took part and as you will see from...

Another successful Friends of Fairfield Skittles Night

Many thanks to the parents and families that make up the Friends of Fairfield for organising another great skittles night. The Dilton Marsh Social Club was packed with young people, friends and family combining fundraising with having fun.  Congratulations to Jordan...


College trustee Alan Best  is running two half marathons this month, the Bath hilly half on Sunday 13th and the Wiltshire Half on the 27th to raise funds for Fairfield. Please consider supporting his efforts by donating to his Just Giving Page here.

Skittles night

The Friends of Fairfield are holding a fundraising and fun skittles night this Saturday 12th November, 7.30 at Dilton Marsh Social Club, students, staff, friends and families all very welcome - £2 to play. Raffle, bar etc. please call to book tickets on 📞 01373...


In preparation for 11/11, foundation students have produced this amazing display!

Steps residents get the run around!

Residents of the Steps to Independence programme (post college residential care) were given the run around this afternoon by the goats and the chickens.  The chickens would not go in the hen house leaving Joe and John chasing them round and round!

Outdoor Learning

The Thursday Outdoor Learning group visited and explored Vallis Quarry this week as part of the "Explore" section for their John Muir award - doesn't it look fabulous!

Get on your bike!

Students from Foundation went to Odd Down in Bath today for a range of cycling experiences.  Despite the miserable weather, there was serious exercise, learning and fun!

New arrivals

Dandelion and Daffodil our pygmy goats have been joined here at college by four nanny goats Violet, Bluebell, Snowdrop and Sakura (which is Japanese for Cherry blossom). Students were delighted to welcome them and look forward to working with them.

Work Experience Week

On Tuesday 11th October as part of Work Experience Week, Wayne McKeown, Operations Director for John Wainwright and Co Ltd who provide work experience opportunities for our students, visited our college in order to help supported interns with their interview skills....

Student Council

Over the last couple of weeks students have been busy applying for positions on the student council, applications were by A3 poster.   On Wednesday at the first Student Council meeting of the new academic year all students voted in the election, and we are...


We welcomed the Styleability team to college on Thursday and had a fabulous time drawing fashion boards, looking at styling and colours and experimenting! We had a brilliant time, and would like to thank Rosa and the team for organising, planning and delivering this...

Friends of Fairfield

Our parent Group 'Friends of Fairfield' have their AGM in our cafe this Thursday at 1930, agenda below. They are keen to welcome new parents so please do come along and join the group or just see what they do! AGENDA


We welcomed local Councellor Jerry Wickham and many of our local community, as well as students and staff today for the opening of our Post Office, offering a range of services our sub postmaster Debbie, and post office staff Lauraine and Caroline look forward to...

Westbury Arts Festival

Our Cafe is currently hosting a stop off on the Westbury Arts Festival so please do drop by and see us! These coasters have been made by the Art Enterprise Team and are on sale in the cafe for the next two weeks during the Festival. We sold some on Saturday so we are...

Fete fun!

Residential students enjoyed a fun day out over the weekend at the Beckington Fete!  

Landing place

The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance used our field today when responding to an emergency. Once their casualty was in a road ambulance and they had been stood down they spent a lot of time showing students and staff the helicopter and answering lots of questions....

Youth Club

Freshers week disco, football and more. We are back and Youth Club is too. Everyone was thrilled to catch up again after the holidays, old friends and new enjoyed DJ le Frog and his disco, 'chill zone', IT, craft and football. See our Facebook page for details of...

Freshers Week

We have been out and about and around the classrooms and Freshers Week activities, take a look at our photos of the youngsters having fun, settling in and getting to know each other.


Welcome back! We were so excited to welcome you all this morning. Fabulous to see our returning students, our new interns and our new first year students. Look out for more photos during the day. It's going to be fun!

Summer dancing at Fairfield

Young people from across Wiltshire took part in the dance workshop today at Fairfield. The day ended with a show to families including singing and dancing - well done to all and thank you to Katie for leading the workshop.

Catch of the day – fishing holiday workshop

Young people enjoyed the first fishing holiday workshop today.  It was a beautiful day, a fantastic learning opportunity and enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Phil and Clive for organising and leading the workshop.

Good Schools Guide

We are delighted to have been included in the Good Schools Guide - please read the article HERE

Cafe, shop, play area and animal walk

Don't forget our cafe is open for delicious drinks, cakes, lunches etc, with a children's play area and an animal walk to enjoy - whats stopping you?! After your visit why not browse our shop for a range of groceries, cards and gifts!

Outdoor Learning Workshop

Youngsters celebrated the completion of the new Outdoor Learning Centre today at an adventure filled holiday workshop, where they map read and treasure hunted, made tea, coffee and lunch on an open fire, and undertook many other outdoor adventures!

Outdoor learning centre finished!

Last summer Fairfield applied to the Westbury Area Board Youth Grants for support with creating an outdoor learning centre, a permanent camp with the necessary equipment to deliver outdoor learning to students and local young people with learning disabilities through...

Graduation and Awards Photographs

Our fabulous leavers, well done to you all and good luck in whatever you do next! Finlay - working with Wiltshire Employment Support Team (WEST) Tom - Further Education College/exploring supported living   Max - Fairfield's (FFC) Steps to Independence (social...

Graduation and Awards 2016

We were delighted to welcome so many students, family, friends and staff to college this afternoon for our Graduation and Award Ceremony. Cllr Jerry Wickham joined us to celebrate our youngsters achievements and to present awards and certificates and we thank him so...

MUGA opening

Ex Swindon footballer and Wiltshire Radio presenter Sam Parkin joined us for the opening of our MUGA on Friday, Swindon fan John was delighted to meet Sam and to get his shirt signed. Sam then tested the pitch out during an impromptu football game with the students....

Horse and Dog Show 2016

What an absolutely fantastic day we had! The weather was kind to us, our volunteers, judges, competitors, ponies and pooches were so well behaved and happy, lots of rosettes and fabulous achievements. Enormous congratulations and huge thanks to Horse Studies tutor...

Reunion BBQ

We were delighted to welcome so many ex students into college today for a delicious BBQ and to catch up on each others news - fabulous meal and afternoon of activities!

Leavers Ball

Wow! What an amazing night. Such fun, great disco from DJ Le Frog, fantastic decorations, bar, cocktails... Watch this space next week for more photos!

Whole College Outing

Students and staff enjoyed an away day on the whole college outing to Brokerswood today where they took part in fantastic, fun and challenging activities - lots of very tired folk heading home tonight!

MUGA update

Exciting things happening on the MUGA today!  

Animal antics at youth club

Kris Freeman, head ranger from the Tropical Discovery Workshop came to youth club tonight with his collection of creatures.

Road to Rio

Young people at Youth Club on Thursday took their turn on the Road to Rio Challenge to travel the distance from London to Rio by any means they could, cycling, running and rowing were popular and they covered  great distances towards our total!

Youth Club – Live music

We were delighted to welcome local covers band A Night in the Blind House to Youth Club again this week. Paul, Mark, Graham and Mark delivered another fantastic night of music and fun, and the audience participation was great. Huge thanks to the band for great...


Finlay, Louis and Immy travelled to London for the A Right Not A Fight campaign rally today. They had  a busy day travelling across London and taking part in this event, were lucky to meet, chat to and campaign alongside Jack Thorne 2 x BAFTA author, who has written...

Radio Wiltshire

Reporter Karen from Radio Wiltshire visited the college today to interview students and staff about the A Right Not a Fight Campaign for which they are attending a rally in London tomorrow. Students spoke passionately about their time in college and how funding for...

RDA show success

Fabulous success at the RDA show today, rosettes and awards everywhere!  

A supersize sofa long enough to fit a supersize student!

One of the college residential houses took delivery of new leather sofas, the boys are very pleased with the new additions to their home. Jon is especially pleased that, at last, there is a sofa he can really relax on!

Students support the Dilton Marsh Village Day

Students worked hard on Friday to help the village prepare for then annual community village day.  They designed and made the displays, topped off with a handmade crown.

Duke of Edinburough Silver Practice Team return!

The outdoor learning group went out on their silver practice this week, walking a total of 36k over 3 days and camping out for 2 nights.  A massive well done to you all and thank you to the staff that gave their time,  here are some of the pics, more to follow.  ...

Haircut time

Our Alpaca's Chocolate and Fudge had their annual haircuts this week. Students enjoyed watching the trim up!

Anniversary Mosiac

Staff and students have created this fabulous mosaic to celebrate Fairfield's 40th anniversary. Now on display in reception.  

Royal work!

Amazing project for the Queen's birthday!

Shop news

Delicious new range of bread and flat-bread, Father's Day cards, logs, compost and much more available in the shop now! Do come and visit us soon.  

Formula 1 weekend at the STEPs house!

STEPs to Independence is our residential care home offering short and long-term placements, also offering short-breaks and respite for families.  This weekend, Joe was given an F1 car.  Here is Brandon and Tom taking a turn to come in first!

MUGA update

At the end of week two we have something that's really starting to look good! Excited to see the progress when we return after half term

Youth Club Disco

The last youth club of this half-term ended with a disco tonight.  The next youth club is the 9th June!      

Fairfield success at Saxon Dressage and Pony Club Show

Horse studies students have spent the weekend at the Saxon Dressage and Pony Club Show with huge success again! Despite the weather, our students were amazing and Serge was a superstar helping Lizzie to win overall on Saturday (her birthday).  Students were so lucky...

Friends of Fairfield Skittles night

Students, families and staff enjoyed a fabulous fun evening of skittles at Dilton Marsh Social Club on Friday. It was fantastic to see so many of you and to welcome future students and their families. Many thanks to all who organised, attended and helped us raise...

Animal cards and Gifts

Just look at these fabulous new animal gifts, cards and the scarecrow we have made for the Dilton Marsh school scarecrow trail next week. Pop into our shop and see for yourself!


We're all ready for the Friends of Fairfield skittles tonight, are you? RAFFLE PRIZES still needed please. In the raffle a chance to win this fantastic Ali Wilton creation (thank you Ali!). Please do come along and support FOF to raise money towards classroom iPads...

MUGA updates days 8&9

With a real mixture of weather things have been a bit 'stop start', still, some fantastic progress and a base in place!        

Classic Cars visit cafe

We were delighted to welcome the western area Morris Registered Owners Club to the cafe car park this afternoon. Such beautiful cars, thank you so much for calling in!  

We’re in the papers!

Our local paper, the Wiltshire Times have just published this fabulous article about us! Take a look HERE  

MUGA day 7

Flattening the base today - how exciting!  

Come Dine With Me!

Our young people had a fantastic Come dine With Me evening in Griffin House, just look at the amazing preparation and food on offer... great team work and planning made for a super evening enjoyed by all.

MUGA Day 6

Looking good as we enter week two, still sunny and lots of deliveries today!  

Evening fun

Lovely evening walk and fun for the ladies tonight!

Arts Week ponies

Look at our beautiful painted ponies for Arts Week!

Art week project

Just look at this fabulous mosaic students are creating during Art Week.

MUGA day 5

Sunshine and great progress, lots of deliveries, and the animals are watching too! *day5

MUGA day 4

The sun is shining and things are moving along quickly!

New plants!

We have a super range of both indoor and outdoor plants available now in our shop, as well as other gardening items and general groceries please do visit us soon and see for yourself.

Cafe Lunches

Just look at some of the delicious lunches being prepared and served by our students and staff today! Our customers were very happy with their mixed Ploughman's and their Ploughman's Pie and salad. Why not come along and try one of our delicious lunches for yourself -...

Muga day 3

More progress and lots of deliveries today..... rain still not helping though #day3

New life!

We are please to announce the arrival of our first calf!

Muga Update!

Huge progress clearing the site, the rain has not helped - it's looking a bit mucky on #day2

Work starts on the MUGA!

We are so excited here now the work has started on our MUGA (Multi Use Games Area.) Keep up with progress on here and on our Facebook page.

LABC Building Excellence Awards 2016

We were delighted that our new building, designed by Hetreed Ross Architects and built by Ken Biggs Contractors was a finalist in the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Building Excellence Awards 2016 (West of England) in the category of Best Educational...

More from Badminton!

Staff and students were also lucky enough to meet Francis Whittington and some of the Avon and Somerset police horses...

Badminton Horse Trials

Staff and students attending Badminton Horse Trials were delighted to meet Jock Paget again today, he took time to catch up having just completed his Cross Country course walk!


🐷🐷 more new arrivals🐷🐷

Supported Living visit

Some of our 2016 leavers and staff visited Higher Green Farm today to look at a Supported Living model and to investigate the local community, facilities and jobs. Huge thanks to Gavin and team for showing us round and making us feel so welcome.

Imperial Charity present Fairfield with a cheque for £750

David McCance, President of Imperial Charity presented Pat Teague (Chair of Trustees) with a cheque today for £750 to invest in another training horse for Fairfield.  Staff, students and horses accepted the very kind donation and promised to invest it wisely.  Many...


How exciting, we have not one, but two sets of triplets!

New life at Fairfield!

We were delighted to have two new lambs born at college yesterday! Welcome to them both.

Creating and playing!

A group of  youngsters at Youth Club designed and created a game this week which they later played together!

Youth Club business as usual!

Youth Club re-opened last night and welcomed new members. Follow the website and facebook for weekly activities.

Youth Club tonight!

Don't forget Youth Club restarts tonight from 7-9pm - come along and help us plan for this term!   New members welcome, please note you must register and complete a form prior to your first attendance, please email for a...

Welcome back!

Students are back from the Easter break raring to go for term 3!  

Big Lunch

On Friday 27th May, from 12-2 you are invited to join us for our annual Big Lunch event. Have fun as well as supporting the college, meet the Principal see our new building and find out about the exciting projects we are planning. Visit our shop and cafe or stop by...

New ‘bistro’ style common room

Thanks to 'Waste to Wonder' the student common room has been transformed to a modern bistro! Sofas and chairs were also donated to students on the Steps programme, new computer chairs for the IT rooms as well as office furniture - a massive thank you Michael.

Mexican cooking fun

Young people had great fun cooking today at the holiday workshop, they made: Nacho's with homemade guacamole and salsa; Mexican chicken casserole; Mexican churros; Mexican ponchede frutas; Vanilla chick biscuits Thanks to Caroline, Kim, Shelley, Fiona, Kay, Louise and...

Holiday workshop fun

The equestrian holiday workshop was enjoyed by all today, with riding and rosettes for everyone. Thank you to Kate , Fiona, Shelley, Kim and Louise for making the day so memorable.

Easter disco and birthday celebrations at Youth Club

Youth Club ended the term with an Easter disco. John and Sofi were also celebrating birthdays, thanks to Pete and his students for preparing food for the celebrations.  The next Youth Club is Thursday 14th April - have a good Easter break everyone!  

Easter celebrations

Independence skills group prepare for Easter by planning, buying and preparing Easter cakes.  Luke, Drew and Daniel welcome Callum to the session today - an 'eggsellent' picture Pauline!  

Mendip Fireplaces help out!

A big thank you to Robert and Alan from Mendip Fireplaces at Monkton Combe Mill, Monkton Combe for letting Darcy have a piece of flue to use on his smoker project. This will be great to connect the fire box to the smoke chamber.

Animal walk

How exciting, the goats and Minty the sheep are back on the animal walk - come and visit them soon. Whilst here why not pop into the cafe for a treat, check out our shop, or stop a while in the play area?  

Easter Cake Raffle!

Just look at this fantastic cake, kindly made and donated by Ali Wilton to raise money for Friends of Fairfield. To purchase tickets call into reception, £1 a strip, to be drawn at the quiz this Friday night (tickets still available for the quiz too!)

Jock Paget visit

Jock Paget, 2013 British Open Championship and Mitsubishi Motors Badminton and 2012 Olympic Bronze Team Medallist visited the college today, staff and students were very exited to meet him, and to receive very kind donations from him for the equine department.

Alex celebrates his 21st Birthday!

Staff and students met in the common room this morning to wish Alex a very Happy 21st Birthday - a delicious cake, made in college was enjoyed by all!      

Students present clock to say thank you!

A group of students and our Engineering tutor Colin Redman presented Wessex Farrier Supplies with a horseshoe clock to thank them for supplying us with the horseshoes we need for our projects. We deal with Colin Reeves and Chris Mather at WFS, Chris received the clock...

Another great night at Youth Club!

With the new gym equipment and chill out corner, past, present and future students, as well as friends from local special schools, all enjoyed another night at Youth Club.  Next week there is a Disco to celebrate Easter, the end of another term and also John and...

Inclusive Futures Regional Camp 2016 at Bath University

Sean, Liam, Jack, Jonathan, John and Joseph attended the Inclusive Futures camp at Bath University today, they had a fantastic and action packed day.  Here they are pictured with Ben Rushgrove, London 2012 Paraolympic sprint runner.  They also met Paraolymian swimmer...

James and Joseph at Heart Radio!

James and Joseph visited Heart Radio in Swindon today to learn more about broadcasting and behind the scenes. They toured the studio and recorded their voices.  Massive thank you to Caroline and all at Heart Radio!


Last night was the last Youth Club this term and so we did it in style.   We welcomed local band A Night in the Blind House back for the evening, and enjoyed great music and dancing for the duration! It Looks like we may have several potential new band members as...

Angel Engineering help out!

Student Darcy wants to say a big thank you to Pete at Angel Engineering in Westbury for helping  with his 'smoker' project by bending a piece of steel to shape. Darcy is making a meat and fish smoker and this piece is for the firebox!

Friends of Fairfield Quiz Night

Following the huge success of the last FOF quiz, we are delighted to announce our next event on 18th March, from 7.30pm, in the common room to give space for more teams! As the last event was a sell out, we advise the advance purchase of tickets - available from...

Youth Club!

We now have spaces at Youth Club - please ensure you call us to register before attending. Speak to Helen on 01373 866066!

Friends of Fairfield 100 Club

How exciting! It's time to join (or renew) the Friends of Fairfield 100 club! For just £12 per year (or multiples thereof if you would like more than one chance!) you will be entered into our monthly draw. Please download an application form Alternatively you...

Youth Club

Youth Club restarts this evening and we are looking forward to seeing you all. Tonight we will be planning our activities for the coming term so do come along and have your say!   Youth Club remains full, and we are not currently able to take new members - please...

Animal walk winter news

Our goats and Minty the sheep are not in the visitors area currently as they are in their winter housing. The alpacas are in and out this is weather dependent. The Kune Kune pigs are still out in the visitors area.

Christmas Bazaar update

We're feeling very proud of our students, staff and Friends of Fairfield group for what they achieved at Fairfield Farm College Christmas Market. They all worked incredibly hard to plan and host a superb event with wonderful handmade items for sale, from Christmas...

Area Board Meeting

Immy, John aand Charis attended the Area Board meeting tonight to speak in support of our sports and leisure grant bid, they were awarded the full bid amount - well done!

Hope Nature Centre Christmas Party

Earlier this year Hope Nature Centre approached Fairfield Farm College to ask them to plan, arrange and host their 2015 Christmas Party. This event took place on 4th December and was quite superb, and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Huge credit to Gina, Clair...

Christmas Market this Friday

            Please join us from 6-8pm this Friday - 11th December for our Christmas Market. We have lots of student made produce, external stallholders, mulled wine and mince pies. Our shop will also be open  - everyone is working very...

E safety presentation

Proud to see our E-safety champions John and Jonathan delivering our E-safety presentation to students at Lufton Manor college today, spreading the word and helping to create a safer learning environment for all! Well done both of you!

Christmas Shop

It's looking really 'Christmassy' in the shop - visit and see for yourself!. Why not also visit our cafe, where students will serve you a variety of different drinks, cakes and lunches!        

Allstars visit to Youth Club

Huge thanks to Allstars for coming to Youth Club last night and making it such a fun evening - we all enjoyed making music and trying different instruments.    

Pork for Sale

From Friday we will have home grown fresh pork for sale in the shop. Hurry while stocks last!

E Safety

E safety is a huge concern for all parents, Mencap have just published this:…/Learning_Disabilities_Autism_an… with lots of advice and sites for parents to use. College will also be looking at this with youngsters, alongside our existing...

Friends of Fairfield welcome evening

Friends of Fairfield is your parent support group, during Youth Club this evening they are holding a welcome evening and their AGM. All parents and carers are invited to join them in the cafe this evening  for tea and biscuits and a chance to find out more about The...

Skittles night

Students, parents, families and staff enjoyed a fabulous and fun night at the Friends of Fairfield Skittles night on Saturday. Many thanks to Dilton Marsh Social Club for hosting. Congratulations to student winner Danielle and parent winner Sonia.

More Birthday celebrations!

This evening we are busy celebrating Charis' Birthday with a disco, dancing, supper and a wonderful cake. We're thrilled to welcome some of Charis' family to college to celebrate too.

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated Kimberley's Birthday, ahead of her celebrations with her family we all enjoyed this delicious cake at break time.

Live music at Youth Club

We had a fabulous time at Youth Club last night and were really lucky to be entertained by local band A Night in the Blind House. Fabulous music and dancing was the order of the night. Big thanks to Paul, Graham, Mark and Mark, we hope to see and hear you again very...

Students Celebrate In Style

3 Fairfield Farm College Students have celebrated their 18th & 21st birthdays over the last couple of weeks so we have had great parties for all to enjoy! Here are a few photos of the celebrations! [gallery captions="hide" link="file" columns="4" size="wcsquare"...

Warminster School Visit

Our students had a fantastic trip to Warminster School on Saturday 19th September and got to try their hand at a variety of activities including; Sports, Cooking, Arts & Crafts and much more. We would love to thanks Warminster School for the fantastic opportunity...


Youth Club restarts this Thursday - we have some exciting activities planned this term including: 8th October: live music with 'A Night in The Blind House' a fabulous band from nearby Bradford-on-Avon (Entry £3pp on the door). 15th October: whilst the youngsters are...


This Tuesday we welcomed our new first year students to college, they have all done so well and had  fabulous and successful first week!


We are thrilled with our newly launched shop located here at the college please come and see us very soon. We would welcome your thoughts on what you would like to see in the shop - please send us a message  or pop in and let us have your suggestions soon. POST OFFICE...


We are delighted to welcome Bertie and Billy to college - see them soon on our Animal Trail!


NO youth club this week, our first meeting this term will be on Thursday 17th September - see you there!

Success for Jack!

We are thrilled that one of July's leavers' Jack has secured a place at  Palmer Gardens as a trainee, all his hard work at college has paid off. We all wish him every success in this exciting new opportunity.

Dance Workshop

This weeks dance workshop was delivered by Katie. We are very lucky that Katie is joining the college on placement from September whilst undertaking a specialist masters degree. Students had great fun and finished the day with a performance to showcase what their new...

Holiday workshop latest pictures

The holiday workshop today focused on art and design with sessions with Louise creating a range of animal related pictures and models as well as working with Sue on cake design and decorating. See the wonderful pictures of the work that young people took home with...

Award Ceremony

This afternoon we welcomed families and friends to our Award Ceremony to celebrate the many, and outstanding achievements of our students. We were delighted to see so many guests, and to present so many awards to our young people, huge thanks to you all for working so...

Summer Ball 2015

We wished our leavers farewell at an amazing Egyptian themed evening on Friday, huge well done to all organisers and helpers, a fabulous time was had by all .


We are delighted to Welcome Dudley the Donkey and Lexi the miniature horse to college - visit them soon on the animal walk!


We require a weekend shop/cafe supervisor as soon as possible. The successful candidate will be responsible for setting up and opening the shop/café, taking overall responsibility for the shop/café during the day, cashing up and closing the shop/café at the end of the...


Thursday 23rd July - Last Youth Club (1900-2100 hours). Thank you all for your support, the Youth Club has been a great success and will start again in September. Friday 24th July - Leavers Ball (1900-2200 hours). Thank you to all the staff who work hard to prepare...

Leavers Ball 2015

Excitement is building for Fairfield Student Leavers Ball this Friday Night. With an Egyptian theme, the ball will run from 7-10pm, with entertainment from DJ Le Frog, cocktails and fun! Day students welcome to stay in college to prepare for the ball - just need...

New Job Vacancy

An exciting new job opportunity has arisen at Fairfield Farm Trust for a Support Manager.  Visit our Current Vacancies page for more information and how to apply.

Jenny Jones

Staff and students of Fairfield Farm College are grieving this week for the loss of Jenny Jones, a tutor at the college for 4 years. Jenny was a beautiful person in every respect. Her infectious smile and laugh filled the cafe and reception every day. Her work with...

Herbie Celebrates!

Herbie is celebrating his 3rd anniversary at Fairfield today, he did this by escaping from his field to enjoy some delicious grass just around the corner! Herbie is 30 years old and still in full time work!

New Technology at Fairfield

We are delighted to have installed new screens into our classrooms, here we see students seeing their achievements being recorded by the tutor on a 46" LED display screen.

Duke of Edinburgh Success!

A huge well done to our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh students who all passed their expedition last week - fabulous result and great teamwork!

Bath University – Regional Inclusive Futures Camp

Students attended the 'Lead Your Generation' Inclusive Futures Regional Camp today at Bath University. The day started with an opening ceremony led by Kate Grey (National Ambassador and Paralympic Swimmer). John, Tom and Jonathan also met with Ben Rushgrove...

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Good luck to all our Duke of Edinburgh students this week as they set off on their expeditions, the Silver group are off today on their practice expedition, and the Bronze group leave tomorrow on their actual expedition - see you all on Friday -have fun!

New Job Vacancy

New Job Vacancy An exciting new job opportunity has arisen at Fairfield Farm College for a Vice Principal. Visit our Current Vacancies page for more information and how to apply.  

Tag Rugby comes to Youth Club.

Many thanks to Maisie Chester and Rich Oakley who both play for Westbury RFC for supporting us at Youth Club with this introduction to Tag Rugby training session.

Horse Show Success

16 Students and 3 Horses attended the RDA show on Tuesday and were very successful. Drew  - 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Gymkhana and 6th in the walk only lead rein dressage Finlay - rosette for completing the handy pony Damian - 3rd in the walk and trot dressage (off the...

A Right Not A Fight

Our student ambassadors attended the 'A Right Not A Fight' event in London yesterday read more about this campaign at  A Right Not A Fight See them on the news at Students on the News (the story is 4 minutes into the programme).

New arrivals

We are delighted to have two newly hatched chicks - see them in a couple of weeks from the Animal Path.

Councillor Jane Scott OBE leads 40th Anniversary Celebrations!

Councillor Jane Scott OBE leads 40th Anniversary Celebrations! Fairfield Farm College was founded 40 years ago and Councillor Jane Scott OBE, has kindly agreed to formally open our new building and lead the celebrations on the 8th July.  Liam has been working in...

New Arrivals!

New Arrivals! We have 2 new Pygmy Goats in our brand new Animal Walk. A Pygmy Goat is a breed of miniature domestic goat. They are just settling in, and this morning our students voted for names, so a huge welcome to Dandelion and Daffodil!   

Our biggest ever Youth Club!

Our biggest ever Youth Club! Fairfield Farm College was pleased to see over 30 smiling faces at our third Youth Club event. Come and join us on Thursday nights from 7pm - 9pm, at a bargain cost of only £3.00. If you wish to attend you will need to give us a quick call...

Art Workshop at Fairfield Farm College

Art Workshop at Fairfield Farm College Here are some pictures from our recent Art Workshop held during the May half term.  Look out for summer holiday workshop dates coming soon. [gallery captions="hide" gutterwidth="20" link="file" size="wcsquare"...

Now Open – Play Area & Animal Path

NOW OPEN – PLAY AREA & ANIMAL PATH Fairfield Farm College is excited to announce that we have just opened our brand new play area and animal path. Bring your friends and family for a spot of lunch at our popular Café and sit outside in the sunshine whilst the...

Multi-use Games Area – New Development

Multi-use Games Area - New Development We have an exciting new development coming to Fairfield Farm College in the near future. Our proposed Multi-use games area will be an exciting new addition to the college where everyone can enjoy a variety of sports. We are...

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Upcoming Events for your diary! Youth Club - Find out about our latest event, our Youth Club! For more information head to our Social Page - CLICK HERE! FLAG 100 Club - Information below. FLAG Skittles night - Friday 26th June 7.30pm £5 per family at...

The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch Fairfield Farm College held The Big Lunch on Friday 23rd May and had over 120 people visiting our very successful lunch. The Mothers Union organised the event and it helped to raise over £701.00 for the college. Thanks to all who were involved in...

College Open Day

We would like to thank all the staff and students that were available for our open day. We had lots of interest in the college and look forward to hopefully seeing some new faces in the near future! Here are some images from the event. [gallery captions="hide"...

Welcome to our new website

We want to welcome you all to our new website! Over the past month we have developed a brand new website filled with up-to-date information, images and news. We hope you like it, and remember to add us to your favourites to keep up to date with all the latest goings...



Fairfield Farm College is a Specialist College for students with learning disabilities; it is a registered Charity, with residential, day and weekend courses. We are situated in the village of Dilton Marsh in Wiltshire. Our 26-acre farm site includes well-resourced teaching and vocational learning areas, a student common room, conference room, café and a farm shop.









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Phone & Email

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Rotary Club of Westbury fundraise for Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Rotary Club of Westbury for their donation from events and activities they have hosted over the past year. The generous donation...


Harry Humphries  is celebrating a massive achievement as he achieves the accolade of Young Individual Sportsperson, from the 2019 Westbury Young People Awards. Harry started his swimming success...

Green fingered students help with Warminster Rockery Project

Despite the rain, Fairfield Farm College students worked hard and did a fantastic job planting a variety of different flowers and vegetables at the Warminster Rockery Project. Students helped with...

Learn Sign Language with Sign On at Fairfield Farm College

Join Sign On and earn your British Sign Language Level 1 Award. It's a great course for those learning sign language with little or no experience. It's a fantastic skill to learn, whether it's for...

2019 Country Fayre and Family Fun Day

FAIRFIELD FARM COLLEGE COUNTRY FAYRE & FAMILY FUND DAY JULY 6TH 2019 - 11AM UNTIL 4PM Join us on July 6th for our Country Fayre and Family Fun Day! Enjoy a variety of different activities...


On Thurs 6th June, FFC & Lavington School joined forces again, to plan, organise & deliver the Wilts Rainbow Shower Event. Now in it's third year, the event, aimed at children with...

Westbury Young People Awards nominations at Fairfield Farm College

Fairfield Farm College is very excited to announce that students have been shortlisted for 2 awards at this years Westbury Young People Awards.Harry Humphries – Young Individual Sportsperson of the...

Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt visits Fairfield Farm College!

Fairfield Farm College were very excited to host Paralympic tennis player Louise Hunt, who visited our Sports Leaders again, as part of the Youth Sport Trust 'Beyond the Baseline' project. They...

Fairfield Farm College in Which Schools Guide for Special Needs 2019

Fairfield Farm College is very pleased to be featuring in the 2019/2020 edition of the John Catt's Which School? for Special Needs. You'll find us on pages pages 38-39 and p 98! You can find a link...


Mitchel Brown, a student at Fairfield Farm College, is celebrating a variety of sporting triumphs over the past few months, including ranking highly in a range of competitive athletic events.Mitchel...