The aim of the course is to develop practical skills in metalwork and basic vehicle maintenance. You will learn Health and Safety in the workshop.
The engineering department maintains college equipment. For example you will learn to wash and valet vehicles, repair sheep hurdles and maintain wheelbarrows.

You will have the opportunity to work as part of a team on large projects like refurbishing a farm trailer, making a trailer for the mini-tractor or making a barbeque for one of the college houses. You will also be able to work on individual projects, such as make a CD rack, a candle holder or a project of your own design.

You may learn to drive the mini-tractor and use it for a range of tasks on the college site.


Accredited by AptEd:
• Checking and Maintaining Fluid Levels on a Car – E3
• Washing a Car Exterior – E3
• Valeting a Car Interior – E3
• Identification of Basic External and Internal Car Parts – E3
• Checking and Maintaining Car Tyre Pressures and Tread – E3

Non-accredited Vocational and Independence Training Awards (VITA’s)
awarded at equivalent Entry Levels 1 to 3

Work Experience

• Internal – working on real projects around the college
• External – working at Halfords, in a garage or workshop

Progression Opportunities

• Level 1 course at mainstream college, if appropriate
• Paid or supported employment or voluntary work in a garage or workshop