DIY and maintenance


The aim of this subject is to provide an opportunity to develop a range of practical skills and techniques that will help you to be as independent as possible. The sessions take place in the workshop which as been developed to provide lots of space for creativity and fun. Central to this subject is the focus on your understanding of how tools, equipment and practical tasks can be undertaken safely. These may include, DIY, painting & decorating or putting up shelves and curtains. mending and repairing items in the home, or simple servicing and checks on vehicles. 

Progression and the Future 

Having developed a range of practical and creative skills and understanding you could move into a range of jobs and further study. As well as helping you to become more independent, these skills could involve working in a practical setting such as a workshop, studio or something more business-like that would help you further your enterprise skills, customer-service and entrepreneurship. 

Learning, Knowledge and Skills

This subject focuses on broadening your practical home skills that will help you to keep your home, garden and property maintained. In addition it aims to enhance your productive and creative skills, potentially with a view to understanding how simple creative businesses run. Activities and tasks may include: using simple tools, health and Safety in the home, making ceramics, woodworking, metalwork and textiles.  The second element of Practical Skills is the attention to the budget setting, planning, business and leadership roles and team work.